Internship Testimonials

Omarrah Reid-ChristieOmarrah Reid-Christie, Class of 2009
Marketing Supervisor
UPS | Atlanta, GA, USA

My view of the global business community has significantly expanded after my international internship experience with YRC Logistics in Mexico City. In the Global Partners program, I developed a particular interest in corporate strategy and my internship offered the opportunity to work on a currency investment project. During my 16-week internship I witnessed first-hand the challenges of an American company trying to develop a country-specific business strategy while trying to maintain its established, corporate identity. Working in Mexico provided me fascinating points of contrast with my prior experience in corporate America ranging from general office dynamics to collecting accounts receivables.

Bridget Boyer (pictured with Leslie Brown on the left)Bridget Boyer, Class of 2008
Micro-market/Customer Profitability Manager
UPS | New York, New York, USA

The Global Partners MBA program primed me for pursuing an internship with UPS abroad. While I was initially offered an opportunity in Europe, I was very interested in working in Asia. After some negotiating, which the program helped to facilitate, UPS created an internship opportunity specifically for me in Beijing. Not only was I about to engage in an amazing learning experience I had the freedom to determine my thesis topic as a part of my involvement in the company’s various marketing engagements in China. My internship presented key networking opportunities of which I was able to leverage in order to secure a full-time position with UPS in New York City.

Nancy EscorihuelaNancy Escorihuela, Class of 2009
Director of Latino Marketing and Sales
Parimal USA | Atlanta, GA, USA

As a petrochemical engineer I was the head of the quality assurance department at Qumica Venoco for five years, and I never would have imagined that after 14 months in the Global Partners program that I would be transitioning my career to another industry. My internship experience at Purewire was a pivotal one for me. There I developed a marketing program in English that was targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses, which was an entirely different model for the company as they traditionally focused on only large businesses. This experience was the springboard to my current position as the Director of Latino Marketing and Sales at Parimal USA where I am using valuable lessons learned in the program and where I am continuing to expand my expertise in an industry that is new to me. The program opened a door for me that I would not necessarily have known was there.

Jieying ZhengJieying Zheng, Class of 2009
Strategy Manager
Sovereign | Auckland, New Zealand

The Global Partners MBA program accelerated my pursuit of integrating economic, social and environmental values within a global context, which is one of the reasons I was so interested in participating in an internship in London with Volans co-founder and an acknowledged world authority in sustainability, John Elkington. I made use of my background in financial services from Aviva and skills gained during my Global Partners MBA studies to map out the leading innovators of microinsurance globally. Increasingly, my thoughts have been turning to where the world is heading and the program and my internship helped clarify some of my personality traits and styles, as well as how business needs to make a difference in the world. I aspire to apply what I have learned to positively contribute to a new economic paradigm.