Leadership Theme

Global leaders must manage change, motivate and inspire others, create cross-cultural teams, and adapt to business practices that vary by country. The core of the program’s executive leadership theme is the formation of adaptive leadership practices to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value.

Great management gets things done; superior leadership makes things possible.

Executive leadership is a theme of the Global MBA program. Beginning at the initial orientation and continuing throughout the entire program, participants encounter the latest leadership principles and practices — an area where Robinson also excels. But that’s only one aspect of Robinson leadership.

If you are thinking about joining the program, perhaps you already have global leadership aspirations.

That’s a start. Once in the program, you will have the opportunity to assess your personal strengths and individual leadership competencies, create a personal leadership development plan, dramatically grow your skills and insights, and instill in yourself a keen ability for performance under pressure.

Like every good company, leaders must master the fundamentals: managing change, motivating and inspiring others, creating cross-cultural teams, adapting to diverse national business practices, and maintaining ethical standards within multinational enterprises. These are as fundamental to business as financial management, market development, and global supply chains. Want to know what it takes to create a market development plan in China, launch a high-tech product in Europe or determine a fair rate of return for a utility in Latin America? You’ll be dealing with experts who do this and much more on a regular basis.

At the end of this program, you will take away an enormous insight into global leadership, along with capabilities enabling you to:

  • Understand and appreciate your unique personal leadership strengths and recognize ways to apply them effectively.
  • Know how to draw on relationships to influence, inspire and develop collaboration.
  • Perceive and build on the strengths of others to create powerful cross-border and cross-cultural alliances and achieve mutual goals.

When it comes to leadership, the Robinson Global Partners MBA is more than just an outstanding choice. It’s a leadership experience!