North America

Atlanta, GA & Washington, D.C., USA

The global economy in Georgia is thriving with 2,200 international companies, 15 of which are multinationals with operations in more than 20 countries. Consulates, trade offices and honorary consulates represent 64 countries. Students begin their studies in October in Georgia’s capitol, Atlanta.   They have three, 8-week rotations in Atlanta studying at the Robinson College of Business.  Robinson’s location in Atlanta, one of the country’s most dynamic and fastest-growing cities, gives students the opportunity to continue their education in a metropolitan environment with access to Fortune 500/Fortune Global corporations.  Atlanta ranks fifth in the nation for number of Fortune 500 headquarters. Robinson’s Buckhead Center is located in the heart of Atlanta’s Financial District, located at 200 Tower Place.  The facility houses the program’s administrative offices, dedicated classroom, study rooms and lounge.

Apart from the residency in Atlanta, Global Partners MBA students spend 3 days visiting the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C.  In addition to the federal government, the city is home to corporate law firms, high-tech  and bio-tech companies, and national  and international non-profit associations.  Typically, students visit approximately 5-6  organizations. Past visits have included Department of Commerce, UPS Public Affairs Division and World Bank.