Kevin KileyKevin Kiley, Class of 2006
Executive Vice President
Vector | Atlanta, GA, USA

I came out of the Global Partners MBA program armed with a unique skill set, perspectives on major markets, and a great network of friends around the world. The cohort component of the program isn’t unlike what people experience in the workplace; you’re often thrown into a team with people whom you may or may not choose on your own, but as a leader, you have to work with them to make a cohesive, productive fit. You’re juggling deadlines, traveling great distances and having to consistently deliver what you’ve been assigned. Everyone who goes through this experience has to learn to deal with those challenges. You get it done on a train. You get it done on a plane. This is a program that is going to test you and push you very hard, but if you’re willing to put your head down and work, in just over one year, you come out with two degrees and this incredible experience that has put your feet on four continents. There is really no peer program in the market today.

Leslie BrownLeslie Brown, Class of 2008
Assistant Brand Manager
Sodexo | Paris, France

I chose the Global Partners MBA program because of its unique curriculum design. No other MBA program offers a four-continent, three-school, two-degree experience with such a high degree of immersion in local business and culture. I knew that I wanted to work in an international business environment, and the Global Partners MBA program paid off in a big way! Not only did the program help to prepare me for securing my position as an Assistant Brand Manager for Sodexo, but it also introduced me to the amazing culture of Paris, France, where I always dreamed of living and working!

Glenn MadisonGlenn Madison, Class of 2009
Research Analyst, Global Marketing and Strategy
Bechtel Power Corporation | Frederick, MD, USA

I chose the Global Partners MBA program because I knew that I was going to have a holistic experience that I was never going to get from any other MBA program. Now, I have great friends and amazing experiences from the program that will never be matched, while also having a full understanding of business in the global arena. The advice I would give to incoming students is to experience everything! Take it all in. It will go by quickly. You will miss it later. Be aware€“ aware of people, aware of cultural perspectives, aware of landmarks (because you will get lost sometimes!). Question what you know to be “€œnormal”€ and embrace what is different about people and business around the world.

JoAnne Rosenberg (pictured with Lawrence Mackhoul on the left)JoAnne Rosenberg, Class of 2009
U.S. International Marketing Supervisor
UPS | Atlanta, GA, USA

The Global Partners MBA program gave me unparalleled opportunities to travel and live abroad, study with a diverse cohort, learn from engaged professors at globally-respected universities, and meet with top executives around the world. I gained a lifetime of experience and a supportive network that is useful in both my personal life and professional career.

Aaron UddinAaron Uddin, Class of 2009
Associate Director
Blue Earth Network | Atlanta, GA, USA

Woven into the fabric of the Global Partners MBA is a theme of leadership, ethics, and sustainability led by Dr. Steve Olson. It is an intense, retrospective, experiential learning process that prepared me for the challenges I face post-graduation in an evolving global business climate. As part of the Global Partners MBA, I had the opportunity to visit and study many of the top companies and organizations competing in the marketplace. One theme continually arose: How can organizations compete in a world that is becoming more interconnected and “flatter” while still being constrained by national, cultural, and socio-economic boundaries. Part of the answer is in training global leaders who can approach challenges with ethical and sustainable values. The Global Partners MBA without a doubt recognizes this trend and organizes a curriculum to make its graduates competitive in this changing business world.

Joe MangunoJoe Manguno, Class of 2010
Trade Intern
U.S. Commercial Service | Moscow, Russia

Business leaders know that internationalization can significantly impact the economic and operational dynamics of an organization in any number of industries, but many don’t know how to expand a company’s footprint beyond their borders. Commercial diplomacy is a core component of international business success, but it is an area that is often misunderstood or entirely overlooked. This theme was the deciding factor in my selecting the Global Partners MBA program. My direct interactions with government and business leaders in the various countries in which I have lived and studied has more than prepared me to serve U.S. citizens and businesses abroad during my internship opportunity with the U.S. Commercial Service in Moscow.

Dani RothenbergDani Rothenberg, Class of 2010
Research Associate Intern
CIB Partners/WTF Furniture | London, England

While the environments – both in and out of the classroom – are completely different for the three partner universities, the classes are fully integrated across the schools. At IAE, the curriculum and classroom experience is highly structured whereas at COPPEAD, the learning experience was creative and experiential. The facilities at the Robinson College of Business are state-of-the-art, and the teaching styles struck a balance between structure and experience. But, where it all converges is learning about Human Resources, for instance, first in Atlanta and then in Rio and further extending the discussion to Paris. This overall learning approach allowed me to continually build upon my prior knowledge of a subject while learning the nuances of that subject within a specific cultural context.

Elizabeth HixElizabeth Hix, Class of 2010
One Love Generation | Atlanta and Ecuador

Many people who get international work assignments can be underprepared for their ex-patriot experience if they have not lived in that culture for any significant amount of time. Studying and living in the U.S., Brazil and France is a very real experience where you have to be highly independent and functional. You have to learn quickly how to use public transportation and communicate in a different culture. But, you also have an amazing opportunity to become a part of the local neighborhood where you live. This integration is an essential component to the overall learning experience. The connections I made with people, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, extended beyond networking for my internship. I formed friendships that will forever keep me connected to the culture.

Miray SagirMiray Sagir, Class of 2010
Church’s Chicken | Atlanta, GA, USA

One of the reasons I was drawn to the program was IAE – Paris. From growing up in Europe, I knew that the Sorbonne is one of the most revered institutions on the continent. I was educated in Turkish schools where the first foreign language is French. The Global Partners program requires proficiency in a second language which made it clear that Global Partners understands the importance of multiple language fluency in the global business arena. While classes there were taught in English, I had seven weeks of studying and living in Paris to hone my French language skills, from discussing operations management with French professors to striking up a conversation with a local wine merchant. The extraordinary benefit of the Global Partners program is that it provides a genuine opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a culture.

Hasan MannanHasan Mannan, Class of 2010
Global Stake Inc. – Partnering with Deloitte
Intern, Credit Policy for Commercial Banks
Church’s Chicken | Romania, Chicago, New York, Atlanta

The Asian experience component of the Global Partners program includes 15+ visits to various companies. As a prior Vice President of a large national U.S. bank I never imagined that I would have the privilege of sitting across the table and having a conversation with the Citibank CFO in Shanghai. Not every MBA program affords students the opportunity to have direct interaction with company executives, especially those leading Fortune 500/Fortune Global companies. The International Business Environment class set the tone early on in the program for how to solve problems head-on through extreme, creative thinking and the experience culminated in Asia as I heard first-hand the creative approaches used to solve challenges by the Citibank CFO.

Emmanuelle Debeaux (pictured with Miray Sigar on the left)Emmanuelle Debeaux, Class of 2010
Bekaert Corporation | Atlanta, GA, USA

As a French citizen, my professional and extra-curricular activities provided me opportunities to interact with foreign cultures in Europe. In particular, I lived and worked in Germany for seven years. These experiences taught me that even the best world class lecture is not as important as having direct contact with a foreign culture. I wanted an MBA that allowed me to learn more about other cultures from the perspective of actually living and working in countries outside of Europe. The Global Partners MBA offered me both: a four-continent experience with extended residencies in the United States, Brazil and China.

Jonathan PinneyJonathan Pinney, Class of 2010
ACL | Xiaman, China

Entrepreneurship is my focus, and I know that my future plans to start my own business include expanding globally. One of the most valuable lessons I learned in the program is that business practices that are customary in the United States are not always useful or acceptable business practices abroad. The program afforded me a unique opportunity to form a perspective about business challenges as a U.S. citizen, but it also encouraged me to evaluate and address business issues looking through various cultural lenses. Studying and living in a number of cultures for extended periods of time while in the program shaped my current thinking about how business is conducted across borders and it will undoubtedly affect how I approach my future in global business ownership.